Safe Driving Tips for 2017

As we move forward in the future, cars and driving become safer and safer. However, there are still too many accidents and too many deaths caused by careless drivers. Here are some simple safe driving tips to keep yourself and those around you safe in 2017.

Safe Driving Tips - Slow Down

Slow Down

One of the most common causes of car accidents is drivers who are going over the speed limit. As speeding doesn’t get you to your destination that much faster than going the speed limit, it’s best for you and those around you to drive the speed limit.

Safe Driving Tips - Give Space

Give Space

Just because someone else is tailgating you, it doesn’t mean that you have to tailgate the person in front of you. If someone is following too close behind you, get over and let them pass. It isn’t worth risking an accident.

Safe Driving Tips - Drive Sober

Drive Sober

This doesn’t need much explanation. If you aren’t sober, find a friend or an Uber to take you home. There is no amount of convenience that can make it ok for someone to drive under the influence.

At Jansen Chevrolet, we like to see people driving safely on the road. Follow these simple tips and you will keep yourself much safer.

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