Customer Feedback Played a Huge Role in Chevy Equinox Design

2018 Chevrolet Equinox

Do you ever leave a review on something and wonder if anybody is truly listening on the other side? It’s always a good feeling when companies follow through on listening to criticism, and Chevrolet recently revealed that it did exactly that when designing the new Equinox. The Chevy Equinox design for 2018 was originally supposed to be much different according to insider info, but company reps say it was input from customers that lead to the design change.

The Equinox’s chief engineer Mark Cieslak described the design process and utilizing feedback from customer focus groups, stating, “Back in the day, we would have probably just kept going.” But those days are over, especially in a fiercely competitive segment like the small crossover market. Customers surveyed during the design process reportedly gave the initial design for the Equinox negative feedback, calling it “too bulky.”

Cieslak recounts the story of when he had engineers line up and strategize about where and how they could pull a bit of weight out of the vehicle, until the entire team had dropped 400 pounds from the Equinox in total. The Chevy Equinox design is now, as a result, sleeker, smaller, and yet more spacious that ever before. It just took some customer feedback to inspire the team to push their limits

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