Summer Truck Maintenance You Shouldn’t Neglect

No matter the season, it’s always important to practice good maintenance on your vehicle. Don’t just water your plants this summer. Keep your Chevy running by taking care of summer truck maintenance as well.

Coolant System

It’s no surprise that your truck’s coolant system might need a little attention in the summer heat. Check your coolant levels and make sure there is plenty of fluid. Then, take a look at your radiator and its surrounding parts to make sure everything looks good. Finally, with your truck turned off, use a pressure washer to clean debris and dirt off of your radiator. This will help it run efficiently all summer long.


Hot weather can wear down the rubber on your tires more quickly. Be sure to keep an eye on the tread of each of your tires to make sure that they’ll continue to have the best grip on the road. Also, check the pressure in each of your tires regularly. Correct PSI will give you the best gas mileage, which will come in handy when you take your Chevy truck out for long road trips this season.


A truck’s battery can also be sensitive to hot weather. Heat can cause corrosion more quickly, so pop the hood and take a look at your truck’s battery every month or so. Look for any sign of corrosion and clean it off where possible. Make sure your battery does not crack or seem bloated. If it looks in any way questionable, bring it to a professional, like our service department at Jansen Chevrolet, to have it tested.

Summer Truck Maintenance on Your New Silverado

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