Back to School Tips for Parents and Students

Summer is quickly coming to a close and pretty soon, our kids will all be heading out the door, back to school to learn more, grow more, and become more.  Some of these experiences can be scary for kids, which is why we have put together some great back to school tips for both you as the parents, and your students!

  • Help them connect with new friends. Having someone familiar can help your student feel more comfortable heading into their first day of school.  Schedule a play date with a few friends from the past school year to help refresh those relationships.  You can also setup a carpool to school in your new Chevrolet!
  • Meet the teacher. One of the scariest things for kids is the fear of not liking their new teacher.  Most teachers appreciate phone calls or emails, a great way to get to know them before the school year begins.  Finding them in a past yearbook and pointing that teacher out to your child can also help.
  • Ease into a school routine. Going from a summer schedule to the school year can be a huge change for both you and your child.  Start getting them (and yourself!) acclimated to the earlier hours by starting your morning routine a few days before the first day of school.
  • Know what is expected. It is important for both you and your child to know what is expected of them throughout the school year.  Talk to your child about the importance of listening to their teachers and paying attention in school.  Going over your child’s homework and anything else the teacher sends home, with your child, can help your child to feel more comfortable while in the classroom.
  • Take a look around the school. If the school your child is attending hosts an open house, go!  Familiarize your child with the building they will be spending most of their time in, make it more comfortable for them, help them find their desk, show them the playground, and many more things can help your child to feel a little less nervous when the first day arrives.

At Jansen Chevrolet, we are excited to get the school year rolling!  What better way to send your kids off to school than in a new Chevrolet?  Contact us to schedule a test drive before the school year starts!

Back to school tips

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