How to Prepare Your Car for Fall

Prepare Your Car For Fall
By getting ready now, you will be set for anything the Illinois weather throws at us. Take these steps to prepare your car for fall and winter.

If you want to stay ahead of the game, now is the time to “winterize” your car. By getting ready now, you will be prepared for anything the unpredictable Illinois weather throws at us. Here are a few steps to take to prepare your car for fall and winter.

  • Check your antifreeze. As the temperatures drop, your vehicle’s antifreeze helps maintain your engine’s temperature. Check the level and make sure it hasn’t gotten diluted.
  • Pack an emergency kit. As the nights get colder and colder, it is important to have an emergency kit in your car. Include items like a blanket, gloves, an ice scraper, first aid kit, road flares, and jumper cables.
  • Make sure HVAC work. Nobody likes driving in a cold car. Make sure your heater and air conditioning are both working. In the colder months, your A/C helps keep your windows fog free though the defroster.
  • Inspect your tires. Wet leaves on the road can lead to slick conditions. Make sure your tires have adequate tread depth to keep you on the road. And, when temperatures really start to drop, consider switching to winter tires.

Here at Jansen Chevrolet, we want to help you prepare for the seasons ahead. Schedule a service appointment and we will make sure your vehicle is good to go.

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