Thanksgiving Tips: Traveling with Food

Happy Thanksgiving | Jansen Chevrolet | Germantown, ILTravelling to a potluck with Thanksgiving food can be made simple by following some of these basic steps. The holiday is known for classic dishes like turkey, mashed potatoes, gravy, and cranberries, but some of these items can be hard to travel with. Even if you have something as simple as pie, you’ll want to make sure to take special care so it reaches its destination in one piece.

According to Real Simple, you can wrap hot foods such as casseroles in towels and place them in a cardboard box. The towels will help to keep your food warm, while also absorbing any spills. The cardboard is there for added protection. If you’re travelling far, consider taking a cooler—most of which keep things hot just as well as they cool.

For bite-size foods like hors d’oeuvres, place a kitchen towel on a baking sheet. This will prevent the food from sliding around. Next, you may need to add toothpicks and cellophane wrap to prevent smashing, and consider getting a non-skid mat to place the tray on in the car.

Finally, for pies you should invert an empty pie plate on the top to protect the dessert from getting smashed. If you want to preserve your crust, place a piece of double-stick foam tape on a baking sheet, and then put the pie on top. Over that you can put a large bowl, taping it in place.

At Jansen Chevrolet, we would like to wish you and your family a happy Thanksgiving.

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