Chevrolet Announces New Trailering Camera System for 2014-2016 Silverados

Ever find it difficult to see what’s going on behind you when towing a trailer or other large object? Not anymore. Chevrolet has announced a new trailering camera system will now be available for 2014 to 2016 model year Silverados, making it easy to see everything around you.

The system integrates three cameras: one at the back of the trailer and two in each of the truck’s extended side-view mirrors. Together, they all but eliminate the blind spots a trailer might create. The first camera at the back of the trailer can be summoned on the dash’s feed by pressing the home button for five seconds and even includes infrared technology for better viewing at night.

There’s also a fourth camera available for those transporting sensitive cargo, which can be mounted inside the trailer. Later on, there will also be a fifth camera available in the center brake light to watch the bed’s contents and help hitch a fifth-wheel or gooseneck trailer.

If that all sounds like technology you need, come talk to us at Jansen Chevrolet!

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