Chief Engineer Hints at a Replacement for the SS

The Chevrolet SS is manufactured Down Under, at a facility in Elizabeth, Australia. So when GM released the news that the facility would be closing, most people assumed that the Chevrolet SS would be retired, as well.

The closing of the plant was unfortunate, as these things always are, but the legion of SS fans were also brokenhearted to think that the iconic power sedan would be no more. The SS is a unique sedan, in that not too many sedans out there today feature such accommodations while delivering 415 horsepower. The SS is a true sports sedan.

As it turns out, there may be hope yet for the troubled SS. The folks at CarAdvice spoke with Chevrolet chief engineer Al Oppenheiser at the recent New York International Auto Show. When asked about the SS “going out” with the closing of the plant, Oppenheiser said, “I didn’t say we were going out.”

He had very little details beyond suggesting that there may be a replacement for the SS. When pushed on the issue, Oppenheiser said, “I’m going to leave you hanging.”

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