Four Reasons to Drive Instead Of Fly

If you are sitting around wondering whether to take to the road or to skies for your next trip, let us help you decide. Here are four reasons to drive instead of fly!

# 1 – Less turbulence on the ground

Bad turbulence while in the air can be a heart-wrenching experience. If you experience turbulence in a car, you are probably not doing it right. Or you might be in the presence of a tornado. In that case, do this.

# 2 – More air on the ground

That’s not exactly true. The difference between riding in a car and riding in an airplane is air pressure (unless you are driving in the mountains). With less air pressure up in the clouds, your body absorbs less oxygen. Ever notice how exhausting it is to fly? This is why. You should drive instead. Roll the windows down, taste the fresh air and enjoy complete oxygen absorption.

# 3 – Roadside attractions!

When you fly, think about all of the fascinating and interesting roadside attractions you are missing out on! When you take a road trip, oftentimes the quirky attractions you come across in your trip make for the most memorable experiences.

# 4 – Flying defies Pseudo-Zen philosophy

If you want to keep wearing that shirt that says, “The Journey Is The Destination,” then you really have to drive. There’s no choice. Or else you’ll be a hypocrite! And nobody likes a hypocrite.

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