Local Election Issues for Germantown, Illinois

This election year has been long, hard, and one that most of us wish wasn’t happening, especially on the presidential side. We’re not going to talk about the presidential candidates because there are a lot of local election issues for Germantown that could affect us even more.

Here’s a basic rundown on who is running for statewide and local positions.

  • S. Senate. For one of our two Illinois seats in the U.S. Senate, voters will have four candidates to choose from: Tammy Duckworth (D), Mark Kirk (R), Kenton McMillen (L), and Scott Summers (G).
  • Illinois Comptroller. In case you were wondering, the comptroller has certain power over budgetary and other financial management matters for the state. There will be four candidates listed on the ballot: Susana Mendoza (D), Leslie Munger (R), Claire Ball (L), Tim Curtin (G).
  • Illinois Fifth District Appellate Court. There are two vacancies on this court. Voters will get to choose between Brad K. Bleyer (D) and John B. Barberis (R) for one seat and Jo Beth Weber (D) and James R. Moore (R) for the other seat.
  • Ballot issue. There will be one state-wide ballot issue called the Illinois Transportation Taxes and Fees Lockbox Amendment. If you vote “yes,” this will support the amendment that blocks lawmakers from using transportation funds for anything else.

If you live in an area outside of Germantown, use this sample ballot tool to see which candidates and issues will be on your ballot.

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