‘Love’ the Malibu in New Chevrolet Facebook Campaign

It’s no joke that Facebook is one of the biggest, if not the biggest, social networking websites on the Internet. Countless celebrities, musical artists, and brands have Facebook pages in order to connect more deeply with their consumer base and keep them in the loop when it comes to new products. The new Chevrolet Facebook campaign takes advantage of Facebook’s latest new feature, the introduction of ‘reactions,’ which take the place of simply ‘liking’ someone’s post or status. In Chevy’s Facebook campaign, however, they are asking their customers to do one specific thing—give the new 2016 Malibu a bit of Facebook love.


Near the end of February, Chevrolet posted a minute-long video to their Facebook page that revolved around the Malibu, claiming that merely saying you ‘like’ the Malibu doesn’t do it justice. Instead, you should express your admiration for the new sedan by using Facebook’s new ‘love’ reaction, a red circle with a white heart in the middle.


Chevy’s vice president of marketing, Paul Edwards, expressed excitement over the new Facebook feature, stating, “Timing couldn’t be more perfect for Chevrolet to bring the all-new 2016 Malibu and Facebook’s new Reaction buttons together. The midsize segment has traditionally offered many options to ‘like’, but only the new Malibu inspires the emotion to love.”


The Chevrolet Facebook campaign for the new Malibu comes shortly after the partnership of Chevrolet and famed, cult-status “Evil Dead” director Sam Raimi on another quirky, horror-themed ad campaign. The Raimi ad plays on the idea of an audience warning the characters in a horror film against whatever potential dangers lie ahead, comparing the yelling of the audience to new driver alert safety features. But whether Chevy is going a scarier route or employing the use of new social media emojis, the company is making an effort to stay in touch with a younger consumer base.

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