Tips for Hauling Trees this Holiday Season

If you’re thinking about bringing a tree home this holiday season, there are some important things to keep in mind.

Tips for Hauling Trees
Photo from DiamondBack Truck Covers

Not only are evergreens bulky, capable of breaking windows and scratching the paint, but they also shed needles and sap. Follow these tips for hauling trees to avoid a mess and damage to your nice car.

To begin with, be sure to take measurements. According to This Old House, you should measure your home as well as your vehicle. Check to see what your ceiling height is, and be sure to see if you can fit that on top of your car. If you don’t have roof racks, you’ll need to measure how much room you have in the rear with the seats down. There’s no sense in getting a tree that won’t fit.

Next, wrap up the tree. If you can get a tree that comes wrapped in netting, be sure to keep it on for the ride home. Otherwise, you may want to bring a blanket, tarp, or trash bags to cover the tree. Before moving the tree, gently shake it to remove loose needles.

The stump should always face the front of the vehicle. This will avoid wind damage, and it also tends to make the ride more aerodynamic. While you are doing this, be sure to tie it off. If you have a roof rack, use a series of bungies, and be sure to secure the stump. If you don’t have a roof rack, open the car doors—not the windows—and secure the tree. Finally, use a reflective flag if the tree extends more than a foot beyond the back of the car.

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