Chevrolet’s LEGO Batmobile Unveiled in Detroit

Chevrolet’s LEGO Batmobile Unveiled in DetroitAt the North American International Auto Show in Detroit last month, Chevrolet unveiled an all-new vehicle. This car was unlike anything you’ve ever driven before for two reasons. One, it was made of LEGO bricks and two, it was a Batmobile.

The full-size LEGO Batmobile was created with a partnership between Chevrolet and Warner Bros. to celebrate that release of the new LEGO Batman movie coming to theaters on February 10th.

“To work on the LEGO® Batmobile with Warner Bros. is an absolute thrill for us at Chevy,” said Paul Edwards, US vice president of Chevrolet Marketing. “Many of the themes in ‘The LEGO® Batman Movie,’ like imagination, family and community, align perfectly with our Chevy brand values and add to the value of the partnership.”

Chevrolet’s LEGO Batmobile was designed and assembled by LEGO Master Builders at the LEGO Model Shop in Enfield, Connecticut. It took 222 hours to design and 1,833 hours to build the model. In total, there are 344,187 LEGO bricks in 17 different colors on the Batmobile. It weighs a total of 1,695.5 pounds and is 83 inches high, 204 inches long, and 111 inches wide.

You can even see the LEGO Batmobile featured in one of Chevy’s “Real people, not actors,” commercials.

For more information on a Chevrolet that isn’t made of LEGOs®, contact Jansen Chevrolet.

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